How Many Forklifts Do I Need For My Warehouse?

Deciding how many forklifts you need for your warehouse depends on several factors. The inventory you store, your company procedures and the time required for moving pallets all impact the number of lifts your business needs. Consider Your Products The overall productivity of your warehouse depends largely on the stock you move and the equipment’s…

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Top 10 Forklift Safety Tips

Forklifts are an essential component of any successful warehouse or distribution operation. Lifts can quickly move heavy boxes, pallets and other materials, speeding up material handling in almost any facility. Nevertheless, lift truck operation can sometimes represent significant health hazards, especially when operators lack the proper safety training.  Safety Tips for Forklift Operators Here are…

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Prepare Your Fleet For Winter

Winters can be harsh for your forklifts and operators, but proper preparation and maintenance can position your business for a profitable season. Follow these nine forklift winterization tips to help ensure longer uptime during the cold months ahead! 1. Clean, flush and add new antifreeze in the cooling system.We recommend doing this annually. 2. Check the…

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Yale Vision Case Study

The Power of Data Case Study: Tier 1 Automotive Company A Tier-1 Supplier of Automotive exterior components whose forklift application is primarily the handling of 96” x 88” x 36” steel stackable racks weighing 500-1500 lbs. Ryan Goodfellow, our Business Development Manager recently started working with this customer. He provided them with a mixture of…

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Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new site! Learn more about Yale Industrial Trucks via our newsletter. At Yale Industrial Trucks, we pride ourselves on providing you with more than just selling your company a piece of equipment that allows for you to complete daily tasks. Our core policy is to provide all of our clients with a…

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