Stand-Up Counterbalance Forklifts: How To Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Ever thought about how long it takes one to get on and off a sit-down counterbalance forklift? Step onto the truck, position the chair, and then fasten the seat belt. When you really think about it, the time spent on getting on and off a sit-down counterbalance could slow down an operator by about 20%….

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Reach truck

The Benefits Of Reach Truck Forklifts

Due to the increasing warehouse rents in North America over the past few years, retailers and owners are looking to maximize the amount of usable warehouse space in their existing facilities.  One solution for this has been reconfiguring warehouse setups with narrower aisles and adopting the use of a wide variety of specialist very narrow…

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Yale truck from 1940

The Yale® End Rider

Learn about the evolution of one of our best-selling products over the span of 50 years and how our new designs are focused on handler’s comfort and precision.

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How Many Forklifts Do I Need For My Warehouse?

Deciding how many forklifts you need for your warehouse depends on several factors. The inventory you store, your company procedures and the time required for moving pallets all impact the number of lifts your business needs. Consider Your Products The overall productivity of your warehouse depends largely on the stock you move and the equipment’s…

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Top 10 Forklift Safety Tips

Forklifts are an essential component of any successful warehouse or distribution operation. Lifts can quickly move heavy boxes, pallets and other materials, speeding up material handling in almost any facility. Nevertheless, lift truck operation can sometimes represent significant health hazards, especially when operators lack the proper safety training.  Safety Tips for Forklift Operators Here are…

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