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Lithium-Ion Power Solutions

As speed and efficiency become even more critical, achieving cost-effective, round-the-clock productivity has become a very real challenge.

How does a power solution built for superior productivity, charging flexibility, no maintenance and smart sustainability sound? Available on the Yale® MPB045-VG pallet truck, the first UL-recognized lithium-ion battery in the lift truck industry can help you:

  • Reduce costly battery replacements and maintenance
  • Increase productivity with fast opportunity charging
  • Avoid downtime with one-, two- and three-pack battery options specifically designed for materials handling
  • Eliminate emissions
  • Achieve improved maneuverability with smaller 6" battery compartment
  • Realize substantial cost savings

Hydrogen Power Solutions

What if your materials handling operation could achieve higher operational productivity, eliminate cumbersome battery charging infrastructure and deliver consistently high performance? These aspirations can become your reality. Welcome to Yale® lift trucks powered by Nuvera® hydrogen fuel cells. Realize the freedom to:

Enhance Efficiency
  • Eliminate fleet and operator battery charging downtime
  • Refuel in as quick as 3 minutes
  • achieve consistent power without battery degradation

Minimize Operational Costs
  • Reduce lead acid battery replacements and maintenance
  • Cut energy consumption costs associated with battery charging
  • Eliminate battery handling, storage and recycling costs

Reclaim Indoor Space
  • Elimnate need for battery storage and changing stations
  • Utilize reclaimed space for revenue-generating operations
  • Compact fueling stations create efficiencies within a small footprint

Reach Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly compared to lead acid batteries
  • Encounter only heat and water as byproducts
  • Support workplace health and safety

Balyo Robotic Lift Trucks

What if you could automate repetitive picking tasks and free up workers to take on more valuable roles? With Yale® lift trucks Driven by Balyo, you can.

When equipped with Driven by Balyo technology, Yale lift trucks are transformed into robotic solutions, allowing you to automate repetitive, low value added tasks by picking up, transporting and dropping off pallets independently and reliably, enhancing labor productivity, optimizing workflow and increasing your bottom line.

Why do they make sense for your operation?
  • Infrastructure free navigation
    • Integrates into existing operations by mapping structural features to self-locate and navigate; does not require tape, wires, or magnets for guidance
  • Rapid deployment
    • Runs with zero, partial or full integration with facility warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Flexible
    • Can switch to manual mode with the touch of a button, helping accommodate changing operational needs

  • Scalable
    • Has the ability to take on small tasks and expand as operational requirements grow

  • Cobotics
    • Allows people to focus on value added tasks, and robotic lift trucks on repetitive, low value added tasks

PSI Engine

Engines with Yale® Flex Performance Technology™ feature adjustable performance modes that allow you to maximize performance or fuel economy to fit your specific application requirements

  • Custom-designed for Yale by Power Solutions International
  • Extended service intervals
  • Reduced periodic maintenance requirements
  • Improved operator ergonomics

For heavy cycles, has undergone rigorous testing:

  • 30,000 hours of testing
  • 14,500 hours of engine dyno testing
  • 17,000 hours of driving
  • 300 hours of multi-axis stimulation testing

Automate with Yale Lift Trucks Driven By Balyo

Interested in automating your warehouse? Learn more about integrating Balyo technology with Yale lift trucks here.



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