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Fleet Management

Yale Industrial Truck's fleet management program offers you peace of mind knowing that your fleet of lift trucks' predictive maintenance plans will improve your bottom line and keep up time a priority. Customize your maintenance plan based on your lift truck classes, business needs, and more, and enjoy maximized forklift lifetime. Get in touch today to learn more and get signed up!

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High Quality Maintenance Services

Yale Fleet Management. The Fleet People.

You depend on a reliable and productive lift truck fleet to keep your operations moving. But do you know how much your fleet costs to operate? Does your current fleet configuration contribute to increased productivity and utilization? Is there room to cut costs and increase productivity?

With over 90 years of materials handling know-how, more than a decade of fleet management experience and a dealer network averaging over 27 years in the industry, the team at Yale Fleet Management guarantees we can save you money right away or our services are free. Our goal is to create efficiencies and cost savings that you’ll see month after month, year after year. Implementing a program with Yale Fleet Management can put up to 25% back on your bottom line.

*Ask about program details.

While other companies can offer basic fleet services, we deliver results. You can rely on Yale Fleet Management – the fleet people.

As an official provider of Yale OEM parts, we are proud of the quality of our inventory. We are so confident in the quality of our parts, we offer a 6 month warranty from date of installation. Stop in to the Yale Industrial Trucks location nearest to you and check out our inventory!


Yale Materials Handling Corporation success is predicated on Yale® Dealers, who provide the people, products and productivity solutions that optimize fleet performance even in the most demanding applications. Benefiting from over 90 years of experience and leadership in lift truck design and manufacturing, Yale® lift trucks boast top-of-the-line industrial grade critical components, superior ergonomics, Yale Vision wireless asset management technology and outstanding ROI. So, when you require precision levels of efficiency and productivity from your gas, LP-gas, diesel, electric or alternative fuel lift truck, Yale® Dealers have the complete solution.

  • Manage cost, optimize productivity and protect your assets
  • Web-based asset management, from anywhere at any time
  • It's about the technology - plus the team


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